March/April 2007

Downhole Tools & Drill Pipe
Drill pipe and drill stem technology – Executive Summary 2007
Rotary steerables: Step-change benefits shadowed by cost concerns
RSS technology driving ambitious well designs, need for ever higher ROPs
RSS proves value offshore Indonesia, Libya, GOM
RSS design enables directional performance in washed-out holes
Range of hole sizes, internal steering features of Schlumberger RSS
Marathon, partners adapt RFID technology for downhole drilling, completions
HT DWD provides data on drilling dynamics
New HT semiconductors may open doors for ultra deep operations
Titanium-based hardbanding balances protection for wear in casing, tool joints
Finally, the truth about drill string hardbanding
Managed Pressure Drilling & Underbalanced Operations
Comparison of reservoir knowledge, drilling benefits and economic advantages of UB, MP
Taking another look at the risk profile for air drilling in presence of hydrocarbons
Coiled tubing underbalanced drilling may increase production at Lisburne Field
Aerated fluids drilling used to minimize well interference while infill drilling
Drilling Rigs
Microhole coiled tubing drilling concept applied to mature Niobrara gas play
Drilling industry boosts environmental awareness, pushes knowledge acquisitions
Coordinated displacement technology leads to improved wellbore clean-up
Middle East
NDC works to drill smarter, expand fleet with upgrade, refurbishment programme
Well Control
Killing blowout caused by illegal oil bunkering involves special challenges
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