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Chevron partners with Catalyst to advance gender equality

Chevron has announced a $5 million grant to Catalyst, a global nonprofit advancing workplace gender equality, in support of expanding the organization’s Men Advocating Real Change (MARC) program, which Chevron adopted in 2016. MARC is focused on engaging and empowering male executives and leaders to consistently model inclusive behaviors, influence more equitable talent management systems and processes, and build effective partnerships across gender.

“We are expanding our partnership with Catalyst to support an initiative that is helping Chevron create a more gender-inclusive workplace, and that we believe can benefit other companies around the world,” Michael Wirth, Chevron’s Chairman and Chief Executive Officer and chair of the 2019 Catalyst Awards Dinner, said. “We are honored to help accelerate this important work. This grant proves once again the power of partnership – how with commitment and dedication, real change is possible.”

“This is the single largest grant we’ve received in our organization’s 50+ year history. Companies like Chevron and leaders like Mike Wirth, who make diversity and inclusion a business imperative and take real, tangible action, are leading by example,” Lorraine Hariton, President & CEO of Catalyst, said. “We are excited to continue strengthening our partnership with Chevron, and we challenge others to join Catalyst and Chevron in creating inclusive workplaces that allow everyone to thrive.”

MARC engages men and women in deep, honest dialogue where men gain insight, empathy, and personal motivation to take action to improve gender equity in the workplace. The Chevron grant will directly support the global expansion of MARC Leaders, Catalyst’s transformational, immersive training program. It will also support the rollout of MARC Teams to Catalyst Supporter companies across the globe, creating a grassroots collective approach that helps men apply their influence to affect positive change in the workplace with respect to gender equality.

Chevron was an early champion and pioneer of the MARC Teams strategy, recognizing the power it can have in building self-awareness, fostering individual inclusion skills and ultimately sustaining a culture of inclusion across the organization. The Chevron grant will allow Catalyst to continue its research, programming, products, and events aimed at engaging men in gender equity and inclusion efforts. Chevron will also serve as chair on the MARC Advisory Committee to help drive strategic expansion of the MARC program and accelerate gender inclusion in both its own workforce and in companies around the globe.

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