BiSN deploys, sets tubing seal via telecoil in Azerbaijan

BiSN at work in Azerbaijan.
BiSN utilizes sealing solution at work in Azerbaijan.

BiSN has achieved a double first with the deployment of its sealing solution in Azerbaijan.

The company also marked the first tool setting on telecoil in its history during the project, carried out on behalf of an operator active in the region.

Utilizing its tubing seal, Wel-lok M2M TS EXD, which was run and set in the well via telecoil, BiSN was able to achieve the client’s aim of isolating a producing zone in order to perforate and produce a new zone higher in the well.

“Our tools are typically set on electric line as we need the electrical current to activate our unique thermite heater. However, for highly deviated wells, it is difficult to get the tools past the deviation as you rely on gravity to get them to depth – and the more deviated it is, the less gravity helps,” Paul Carragher, BiSN Chief Executive Officer, said. “Utilizing telecoil allowed us to push the tool into the well without relying on gravity, while still supplying the electricity needed to set our tool. This is the first time our tool has been set using this configuration, and we are delighted to have successfully carried it out, paving the way for even more innovative uses for our technology.”

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