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Baker Hughes’ flare.IQ technology helps BP achieve flare emissions monitoring breakthrough

Baker Hughes announced a breakthrough in flare emissions monitoring following a collaboration with BP. Using Baker Hughes’ emissions abatement technology, flare.IQ, BP is quantifying methane emissions from its flares, a new application for the upstream oil and gas sector.

With no universally accepted solution to quantifying methane emissions from flares, the companies conducted one of the largest ever full-scale studies of flare combustion, including testing a range of flares under challenging conditions and verifying the accuracy of flare.IQ technology. Acting on real-time data from flare.IQ at 65 flares across seven regions, BP can now carry out early interventions and reduce emissions from flaring.

“BP’s transformation is underway, turning strategy into action through delivery of our targets and aims. We don’t have all the answers, and we certainly can’t do this on our own. Through our long-standing partnership with Baker Hughes, we have progressed technology and implemented methane quantification for oil and gas flares, helping us to achieve the first milestone of our Aim 4,” said Fawaz Bitar, BP Senior VP of Health Safety Environment & Carbon. “We continue to look at opportunities like this, where we can collaborate across the industry to find solutions to our biggest challenges.”

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