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Awilco rig to be equipped with TMC compressors

Keppel FELS has awarded TMC Compressors of the Seas (TMC) a contract to deliver an advanced energy-saving marine compressed air system to the first midwater semisubmersible drilling rig the yard is building for Awilco Drilling (Awilco). 

According to Awilco, the newbuild will be the most environmentally friendly drilling rig offered in the harsh environment market. The rig will be of the CS 60 ECO MW design. It is scheduled for delivery in March 2021.

TMC’s scope of work is to deliver a complete marine compressed instrument air system that consists of a compressor bank with a combination of both base-load and frequency-controlled TMC Smart Air instrument air compressors, which reduces energy waste with up to 50% compared with other compressors. TMC will also supply associated air dryers and filters. The system will be equipped with peak shaving technology, which reduces power consumption during periods of maximum demand on the onboard power supply. This will reduce energy consumption substantially and keep operational costs to a minimum.

“Despite the size of the rig and its significant operational envelope, we will actually deliver a very compact compressor system,” Hans Petter Tanum, TMC’s Director of Sales and Business Development. “New, energy-efficient technologies remove the need for over-dimensioned equipment, which helps keep the cost of rig down too. Integrating our Smart Air compressor technology within the total compressed air system also means that all the compressors will benefit from the energy saving features of the Smart Air compressor, which will help reduce operational costs too to a minimum.” 

TMC has not disclosed the value of the contract, but states that this is a “major contract win for the company,” which is headquartered in Oslo, Norway.

Boasting a low environmental footprint, Awilco’s drilling rig is winterized and designed for operations in harsh environments, including the Norwegian Continental Shelf, UK Continental shelf and Barents Sea. According to Keppel FELS, the rig is also equipped with state-of-the-art digitalization, including condition monitoring systems, which will enhance the drilling efficiency and reliability of the rig, while reducing likelihood of downtime.

“This will become the world’s most environmental friendly drilling rig for harsh conditions,” Claus Mørch, Project Director at Awilco, said. “To achieve this, we depend on suppliers that can deliver the market’s most energy-efficient equipment and technologies. TMC’s compressed instrument air system falls into this category.”

“In earlier years, offshore yards often preferred to buy various pieces of compressor kit from different suppliers. However, as rig owners and operators as well as the yards are increasingly focusing on energy efficiency and reduced opex, they often prefer a system supplier that can develop and integrate the entire marine compressed air system, which must match the overall environmental profile of the rig. That is why suppliers with a technology leadership are chosen for high value assets such as this Awilco rig,” Mr Tanum said.

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