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AGR software aims to help drilling and well engineers reduce cost, risk

AGR has launched its P1ANS software with features like rig campaign time and cost modeling, auto-distribution from historic reference data, and company-specific tagging and templates to increase standardization in well construction.

The software builds on AGR’s field-proven P1 application and employs Monte Carlo probabilistic simulation techniques to analyze thousands of data points before predicting a range of possible outcomes. Designed for drilling and well engineers and managers, digitalization leads and cost controllers, P1ANS helps ensure time and cost for single wells and drilling campaigns are thoroughly planned and consider all risks.

The software integrates with a range of other widely used technologies and is compliant with all modern software architecture requirements, including cybersecurity compliance, Single Sign On (SSO) and OpenAPI.

Users benefit from a learning curve feature, which enables greater forecasting over the duration of a campaign.

The software also offers greenhouse gas emission prediction, helping companies achieve low carbon ambitions. With the option to import historical data and input from other digital solutions, users can seamlessly integrate time and cost outputs in their overall software network without the risk of data duplication or guessing errors.

“This eagerly anticipated release of the next-generation drilling time and cost estimation software helps to further AGR Software’s ambition of digitizing the well delivery process, unlocking an array of workflow efficiencies,” said Øystein Andersen, VP of Software at AGR. “P1ANS gives operators the ability to unify data streams imported from other programs while standardizing the well time and cost estimation output, such as AFE or time/cost curve for quicker decision-making.”

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