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AFGlobal commences engineered bolting business

AFGlobal announced that it is launching a new API certified fastener business to enhance the company’s offshore and onshore production capabilities. This business is a natural extension of the company’s established OEM position with drilling and production technologies.

The new offering will feature engineered bolting for offshore and onshore oil and gas applications. Backed by API Monogram (20E and 20F standards), these fasteners will be built to withstand harsh high pressure/high temperature (HP/HT) environments, improving the safety and reliability of critical-surface and subsea applications. These critical fasteners will be commercially available in Q1 2019, answering client expectations of improved product traceability for unparalleled safety.

AFGlobal will secure all three bolting specification levels, including the highest stringency level (BSL-3) for technical, quality and qualification criteria. The company already earned the API 16RCD Monogram for offshore drilling equipment.

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