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ADNOC, Baker Hughes to collaborate on hydrogen commercialization

ADNOC and Baker Hughes announced an agreement to accelerate the development and commercialization of technology solutions for green and low-carbon hydrogen, as well as graphene.

The agreement, which follows a strategic technology collaboration agreement signed between the two companies in November 2022, will see ADNOC collaborate with Baker Hughes as a strategic partner to study and pilot the deployment of innovative solutions from Baker Hughes’ hydrogen portfolio. These include new growth stage decarbonization technologies Baker Hughes has invested in across the graphene, methane pyrolysis and next-generation electrolysis spaces.

“The unique properties of graphene make it a promising agent to help decarbonize a variety of hard-to-abate sectors, while hydrogen can serve to accelerate decarbonization as it does not generate any carbon emissions at point of use,” said Musabbeh Al Kaabi, ADNOC Executive Director, Low Carbon Solutions and International Growth Directorate.

Within the agreement, ADNOC will leverage Baker Hughes’ expertise and portfolio to test and develop solutions to produce low-cost green hydrogen and graphene at scale. The collaboration will include exploring the application of three emerging technologies that Baker Hughes has invested in.

  1. Piloting next-generation electrolyser technology from Nemesys to explore the possibility of installing and operating an electrolyzer at the ADNOC Research and Innovation Center in Abu Dhabi.
  2. Field-testing methane plasma technology from Levidian to capture carbon in the form of high-quality graphene and hydrogen in ADNOC Gas’ facilities. The graphene produced will be tested for industrial use cases by researchers at Khalifa University.
  3. Testing the use of Ekona Power’s growth stage methane pyrolysis technology to produce low-greenhouse gases intensity hydrogen.

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