Nigerian forum at OTC to encourage partnerships with OEMs

Nigeria is seeks to partner with Houston’s original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) to set up facilities for manufacturing and services in the oil and gas sector in the country. Denzil Kentebe, Executive Secretary of the Nigerian Content Development & Monitoring Board, will address the Houston community and potential OEMs at the Nigeria Content Investment Forum. The event will be held on 2 May at this year’s Offshore Technology Conference.

The forum was created to serve as a platform to bring Nigerian oil and gas SMEs who have manufacturing pedigree together with international OEMs of components, including but not limited to upstream development, upstream operations and logistics, downstream and mainstream. The forum will stimulate collaboration between Nigerian SMEs and the OEMs toward local manufacture of key inputs of oil and gas production, transportation and distribution.

The forum will enable credible stakeholders to share experiences, identify possible synergies in the various areas of operation so that professionals and entrepreneurs can collaborate to develop and optimize Nigeria’s hydrocarbon assets, as well as those in other Sub-Saharan African countries. In addition, the forum will showcase the gains of the Nigerian Content Act and opportunities for collaboration, growth and development contained therein.

For more information about the Nigeria Content Investment Forum, click here.

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