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Welltec releases new Well Tractor system

Welltec has launched a fully revised and transformed design of its Well Tractor conveyance solution: Well Tractor 212 CVT, equipped with Continuous Variable Tractoring technology.  The new CVT system automatically maximizes speed and power at all times, optimizing every conveyance run, making operations faster and more efficient than ever before.

“The Well Tractor remains a key service that we provide, it’s the foundation of everything that we do in conveyance and a solid base for our powered mechanical interventions platform.  It’s what started the entire domain of interventions on wireline,” said Alex Nicodimou, Welltec VP Sales & Marketing “Now our engineers are bringing something special to the market that will ensure we continue to lead in conveyance solutions.”

In addition to the new Continuous Variable Tractoring system, the new Well Tractor offers new functionality and performance features, including a heavily revised electronics package that is rated to higher temperature demands within a more robust architecture. It also allows for full two-way surface control, that can send commands to the tool downhole and receive diagnostics back at surface.

Traditional conveyance platforms are driven hydraulically by a pump, and in many cases, that downhole hydraulic pump is a shared asset that powers multiple wheel sections downhole. The Well Tractor CVT is configured so that each wheel section has its own power unit.  These new hydraulic units and wheel sections are shorter and more powerful than ever before, resulting in a system that operates as multiple individual tractors downhole with inherent redundancy, without compromising on overall length.  In the event that any one section meets a restriction of any kind, the other sections remain free to power themselves without any detrimental effect.

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