VPD Video – “Back to Basics: Improving Performance Through Digital Well Construction”

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Original Air Date: 24 August 2023 @ 9:00 Houston (GMT-5)

In This Virtual Panel Discussion:

Learn how SLB is leading the performance assurance charge—evolving drilling by combining its latest drill bit technologies, rotary steering systems and autonomous controls. These are crucial advances for building wells in the most efficient and consistent manner and enhancing real-time reservoir characterization for more precise trajectories that elevate well performance.

On 24 August 9:00 CDT, Drilling Contractor hosted a live Virtual Panel Discussion, sponsored by SLB.


Wiley Long, SLB Product Champion for PDC Bits and Cutters, discusses the evolution of Smith Bits drill bits
Roberta Santana, SLB Product Champion for Digital and PDC Bits, highlights the SnapScan app and dull-grading digitalization
Ziad Akkaoui, SLB Digital Champion, details autonomous downhole tools
Stephen Whitfield, Drilling Contractor Associate Editor (moderator)


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