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Thermon introduces EnviroDyne methane destruction unit

Thermon, a global leader in industrial process heating, announced the introduction of the Thermon EnviroDyne Methane Destruction Unit, which converts harmful methane gas emissions to water vapor and carbon dioxide without using a flame. This new technology is the latest development in Thermon’s drive to provide sustainable solutions to dramatically reduce its customers’ global emissions footprint.

As a company, we are firmly dedicated to doing everything we can to be responsible stewards of the global environment. The primary component of natural gas is methane. Given that methane emissions are an especially noxious source of damaging greenhouse gases, 70-80 times worse than CO2, we, as experts in catalytic reactions, created the Thermon EnviroDyne Unit to reduce them,” said Mark Roberts, Senior Vice-President Heating Systems and Engineering for Thermon. “By drawing upon our long-term experience in deploying innovative catalyst formulations to target the flameless conversion of methane gas emissions to water vapor and carbon dioxide, we now offer the Thermon EnviroDyne Unit as an effective, efficient, and reliable solution.

The long-term impact of the Thermon EnviroDyne is far-reaching with its ability to convert vented emissions released by pneumatic devices and other sources at a rate of 90% or higher. As a result, the Thermon EnviroDyne Methane Destruction Unit will be welcome news to the many industries that use chemical injection pumps, control valves, compressor seals, and other emissions venting applications as necessary components of their operations

In addition to protecting the environment from harmful methane gases, the Thermon EnviroDyne Methane Destruction Unit also saves customers money in the form of lower carbon emissions tax rates,” Mr Roberts saidAs operations emit fewer emissions, the amount of tax decreases, representing a major cost-saving.

Safety is also a key benefit. Because it operates without employing a flame, it operates safely in otherwise extremely hazardous locations where using a flame poses a serious risk of explosion.

This flameless technology consists of two modules: a converter module and a gas train module that feature no moving parts. Following initial start-up via electric power, it operates continuously when supplied with air and clean fuel. The system is highly reliable, featuring a patent pending proprietary explosion-proof catalyst pad. Because the converter module consists of 300 series stainless-steel components, it is resistant to corrosion. It is suitable for use in hazardous locations, and is CSA C/US-certified to meet requirements for use in Class I, Div. 1 & 2 hazardous locations, Temperature Code T2C in the USA and Canada.

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