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Tally Energy Services acquires DynaView

Tally Energy Services announced today the acquisition of DynaView. The acquisition expands and compliments Tally’s drilling services business with 3D modeling, visualization and predictive technologies to enable drilling better wells, faster.

“Currently, well planning and execution is performed in multiple discrete software systems, many of which are in 2D.  DynaView’s 3D data integration, visualization and predictive platform will be a major differentiator when we present to operators executing high density drilling programs,” Chris Dorros, CEO Tally Energy, said. “Shale operators continue to move towards optimizing total field performance, not just individual attributes of a single well.  That requires a real-time collaborative platform which brings all the stakeholders of the drilling process together.  We are impressed with the DynaView team’s accomplishments and are pleased to add them to our company.”

DynaView is an integrated 3D modeling and monitoring platform which utilizes offset well information and seismic data combined with real time measurement/logging while drilling data to perform statistically weighted three dimensional predictive lookahead modeling of geological, petrophysical and pore pressure attributes. The intent of the platform is to reduce geological and petrophysical uncertainties, even in advance of real time, to thus improve both drilling and well performance.

“Developing collaborative partnerships to support the advancing and always changing oil and gas industry is a priority for Tally and this acquisition fits the bill. This is an important next step as we continue to build out our business platform and enhance our offerings to create drilling efficiencies for our customers not yet seen in this space,” Mr Dorros said.

“We are excited to become part of Tally, because we are relentlessly focused on the same goal – to deliver the most innovative and efficient solutions for our customers that can impact performance over the entire life cycle of the well. Partnering with Tally allows us access to capital to grow, expand our business and continue to pursue developing technologies,” Mark Tomlinson, Head of Software Design, DynaView, said. “Together, we have the opportunity to scale faster and lead the way in performance, data analysis, and engagement to impact the technical interpretation workflow in the upstream E&P market.”

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