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Sidetrack drilling operations underway at Antelope-4 ST1

InterOil Corporation announced the PRL-15 Joint Venture has started drilling a sidetrack well at the Antelope-4 site, as part of its appraisal campaign on the Elk–Antelope gas field in Papua New Guinea.

The Antelope-4 appraisal had been suspended in May 2015 at a true vertical depth subsea of 6,745 ft (2,056 m), approximately 518 ft (158 m) above the field gas water contact.

Well operations, which resumed on 13 August 2015, included the on-site preparation and testing of wellhead equipment. Subsequently the operator, Total E&P, obtained approval from the PNG Department of Energy to re-enter the well. The sidetrack was initiated at a measured depth of 2,828 ft (862 m). At 3:30 pm Australian Eastern Standard Time, the sidetrack well was drilling ahead at a depth of 2,936 ft (895 m).

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