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Petrobras drills first exploratory well in Equatorial Margin offshore Brazil

Petrobras has completed drilling the Pitu Oeste exploratory well in the Potiguar Basin on the Equatorial Margin. The company informed ANP that it has identified the presence of hydrocarbons, but economic viability is still inconclusive. The well is part of the BM-POT-17 concession and is located in deepwater 52 km off the coast of Rio Grande do Norte.

Petrobras is set to continue its exploratory research in the region and plans to drill a second well in the Potiguar Basin in February, at the Anhangá well, in the POT-M-762 concession, 79 km off the coast of the state of Rio Grande do Norte and nearby the Pitu Oeste well.

The company will also look to obtain more geological information about the area to assess the potential of the reservoirs and direct future exploratory activities. The drilling of the exploratory well in Pitu Oeste was completed safely and following strict deepwater operating protocols.

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