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RAPID-S53 JIP opens to equipment component manufacturer participation

The RAPID-S53 BOP Reliability JIP has established a new participant category called Equipment Component Manufacturer.

The category is designed for companies that make individual components, such as SPM valves and regulators, that are supplied to original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and system integrators to build the complete BOP system. Parker Hannifin Corp has become the first component manufacturer to join the JIP in the new category. Initial annual dues for component manufacturers have been set at $7,500.

There are currently 12 drilling contractors, 12 operators and three OEM/system integrators participating in the JIP, which has been collecting BOP performance data since 2015.

For more information about the JIP or to join, please contact Steve Kropla, IADC VP Special Projects & Member Initiatives, at steve.kropla@iadc.org.

IADC Southeast Asia chapter discusses industry challenges during 16 April virtual meeting

Held on 16 April, the IADC Southeast Asia Chapter’s first virtual meeting touched on a multitude of challenges that companies in the region currently face during the COVID-19 outbreak.

The IADC Southeast Asia Chapter (SEAC) held a virtual meeting on 16 April with a group of panelists representing drilling contractors, operators and service companies sharing their thoughts on how organizations in the region can best handle the challenges brought about by the COVID-19 outbreak.

The panel discussion focused on mitigation efforts and contingency planning in the wake of ongoing government restrictions enacted in various countries to prevent the spread of the virus. This included a look into the types of risk drillers and operators should consider while forming strategies to continue ensuring the safety and well being of offshore personnel.

Panelists also spoke about change management and how companies can ensure that consistent and current information on COVID-19 is available to their personnel.

The meeting was attended by approximately 90 individuals; around 20 people also attended a virtual networking reception held after the meeting.

Panelists at the April meeting were:

  • Jacob Taylor, IADC SEAC Chairman, Maersk Drilling;
  • Eoin Christie, IADC SEAC Vice Chair, Sapura Drilling;
  • Paul Sanderson, IADC SEAC Treasurer, Sparrows Group;
  • Joachim van der Meulen, DROPS Asia Secretary, IADC SEAC Steering Committee member and meeting coordinator;
  • Rosli Hamzah, Petronas;
  • Sarah Molyneux, Shell;
  • Ben Pomford, Maersk Drilling;
  • Dale Hart, Sapura Drilling;
  • Arthur Russi, Transocean;
  • Wayne Bauer, Vantage Drilling;
  • Keith Kotval, Japan Drilling Company; and
  • Chit Hlaing, IADC.

As of early May, SEAC was planning to organize a second virtual meeting for 13 May.

IADC launches WellSharp Live

On 4 May, IADC launched WellSharp Live, a distance learning training delivery option for the association’s WellSharp Drilling and Well Servicing courses. The Live system will help support ongoing training and learning for industry professionals stuck at home in a world of social distancing, with instructor-led delivery in an interactive learning environment. Use the QR code or link below to listen to an interview with Mark Denkowski, VP of Accreditation Operations at IADC, as he talks about the details of WellSharp Live.

Covid-19 page now on IADC website

IADC continues to work to ensure members have access to critical industry information related to the COVID-19 pandemic. The IADC website includes a page that consolidates global recommendations and guidance from regulators and other industry groups on COVID-19. As the global situation remains fluid, the page is continuously updated to provide the latest and most up-to-date information. The web page also includes information pertaining to IADC’s accreditation programs and certificates, along with rescheduled IADC conferences and committee meetings. Information is also being shared daily on IADC’s social networks and via www.DrillingContractor.org.

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