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Neodrill announces North Sea frame agreement with Lundin Energy Norway

Neodrill has signed a frame agreement with Lundin Energy for the deployment of its CAN-ductor technology.

The initial four-year agreement, with the option for two additional two-year extensions, will see Neodrill’s CAN-ductor technology installed on future Lundin exploration and production wells. Neodrill said in a statement that the agreement presents an opportunity for Lundin to scale up the success of previous CAN (conductor anchor node) technologies used, as it aims to repeat the savings in cost and time and reduce CO2 emissions demonstrated on the Zulu, Lindormen and Bask wells.

The CAN-ductor is a suction anchor with one joint of integrated conductor, assembled onshore and installed using a vessel. The suction anchor pushes the conductor into the seabed, providing top-hole support for the well. By facilitating installation of the top-hole with light vessels, the CAN-ductor ensures the subsea well foundation is in place before the rig arrives on location. Neodrill has installed a total of 28 CAN-ductors since 2006.

The technology has successfully demonstrated cost efficiency and minimized environmental impact. According to Neodrill, it can reduce environmental impact by 44% and save 2-4 rig days – aligning with Lundin’s ambitions to reduce CO2 emissions and streamline start-up operations.

“We believe this is just the beginning – oil and gas operators must adapt to use best environmental practice at all stages. Our estimates suggest that if CAN technology was used for approximately 50 exploration wells, those drilled in the North Sea each year, then 25,000 metric tonnes of CO2 emissions could be saved,” said Neodrill CEO Jostein Aleksanderson. “We are proud to be offering this technology to the market and are delighted that Lundin is considering the CAN-ductor for further projects. We look forward to embarking on our first installations under the new agreement.”

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