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NASA validates alternating direct current as a new hybrid form of energy

At the Energy and Mobility Conference & Expo, NASA and ADC Energy USA jointly published a breakthrough validation of a “new form of energy.” Over the past several years, a scientist at NASA’s Langley Research Center spearheaded the project to evaluate and validate “alternating direct current” (ADC), an AI-enabled energy technology that upgrades the entire foundation of energy.

“The results of this extensive multi-year endeavor are profound to say the least,” said Henry Lee, CEO of ADC USA. “The conclusions confirm that ADC is an historical paradigm shift, and most important, ADC is ready to deploy to provide innovative solutions to our global climate and energy crisis. This is revolution at the levels of Thomas Edison and Nikola Tesla.”

The joint NASA study evaluated that the current global energy platform operates on only two forms of energy, alternating current and direct current: “Charging your laptop or cell phone with the brick adapter wastes energy, can even cause fires, but we have no other choice,” Mr Lee. “The joint research paper validated the current as a new hybrid form of energy, where both currents operate on the same existing wires. The paper explained that vintage, wasteful and dangerous energy conversion is now obsolete.

“ADC has solutions ready right now. And there are substantial opportunities in the near term for breakthroughs such as low voltage, quick EV charging, expanded solar panel generation, and off grid indoor agriculture.”

When asked what the next step is, Mr Lee said, “The ultimate evolution of ADC is a hybrid utility grid operating on existing wires. For now, our top priority is to expand our relationships with world-class innovators.”

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