Maersk Training, eDrilling team up to provide drilling support services

Maersk Training and eDrilling have announced a partnership aimed at assisting E&P companies, drilling contractors and services companies in making informed drilling decisions and enhancing drilling efficiency. Together, the two companies will provide well-specific drilling consultancy services called Real Time Decision Support. Services will range from drilling the well and testing new technology to verifying procedures.

Experienced consultants from Maersk Training combined with eDrilling’s drilling and engineering software for simulators will make it possible to test different scenarios on actual wells ahead of time in order to be prepared and more efficient during offshore operations.

“Now we are able to assist our customers in ensuring sufficient competencies are present by assessing and training the rig crews on specific wells in advanced full scale simulators around the world,” Maersk Training CEO Claus Bihl said.

In February 2015, Wintershall partnered with Maersk Training and eDrilling while drilling an exploration well in the IMSA prospect in the North Sea. Through hydraulic simulation, risk analyses, 3D visualizations of the wellbore and daily operational meetings with Maersk Training and eDrilling representatives, Wintershall saved an estimated 19 rig days. “We plan to build on the success we had with our Real Time Decision Support services on Wintershall’s IMSA prospect in Norway and provide this offering to new and existing customers,” Mr Bihl said.

“If you do what you have always done, you get what you have always got,” eDrilling CEO Tor Olav Schibevaag said.  “The current times call for real change, and innovative solutions and services will help us get to a state of faster, safer and more efficient drilling operations.”

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