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Maersk Drilling secures contract extensions for Maersk Viking in Malaysia

Shell has executed two options on a contract that will employ Maersk Drilling’s Maersk Viking drillship offshore Malaysia. The first option will be novated to TotalEnergies EP Malaysia for the drilling of one deepwater well at the Tepat project, while the second option will be novated to PETRONAS for the drilling of one deepwater well at the Layang-Layang project. Both projects are located off the coast of Sabah.

The extensions have a total estimated duration of 120 days and are expected to commence in July 2022, in direct continuation of the rig’s prior work scope with Shell. The total contract value of the extensions is approximately $32 million, including fees for the use of managed pressure drilling. Three one-well options remain on the contract with Shell.

“We’re delighted to confirm these contract extensions for Maersk Viking to continue operating in Malaysia, and to be able to support three different operators in a coordinated schedule which will drive efficiency and reduce waste for everyone involved. This will allow the rig’s high-performance crew to build further regional expertise as they continue to deliver safe and efficient wells for the customers involved,” said Maersk Drilling COO Morten Kelstrup.

The Maersk Viking is currently mobilizing for the contract in Malaysia after completing a drilling campaign offshore Gabon in end-2021.

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