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Liner-less spill containment improves environmental performance, minimizes costs

A new liner-less spill containment system helps to reduce contamination risks, improve on-site safety and minimize costs. Newpark Mats & Integrated Services’ DURA-BASE DEFENDER system “allows customers to get off the current technology, which is a plastic liner. We completely eliminate the drilling and completion liner maintenance costs, delivery costs, disposal costs,” Jeff Juergens, President of Newpark Mats & Integrated Services, said. In this exclusive video, Mr Juergens speaks with DC Associate Editor Joanne Liou about the key technologies and reliability of the integrated spill containment system.

The system was launched at the Newpark Technology Center in Katy, Texas, on 18 November. It features the Cellar Protection System, which is tailored to fit any cellar and provides an extra layer of protection at the high-risk spill area.

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