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ISN introduces learning management system

ISN announced its new, integrated Learning Management System (LMS) Platform, which provides complimentary, high-quality, computer-based training materials from third-party providers for contractor customers to satisfy hiring client requirements. ISN fast-tracked the launch of LMS to help contractor customers prioritize employee trainings during this challenging time. More than 11,500 trainings have been completed by more than 4,500 employees across more than 1,800 contractor companies this year.

The LMS Platform is included in all US and Canadian subscriptions for contractors and suppliers. The LMS Platform features more than 40 training topics in areas including COVID-19 workplace safety, first aid, respiratory protection, confined space, heat stress, blood-borne pathogens, fall protection and more.

“As employers continue to face changing environments with in-person training, quality employee and contractor training systems have become a top priority for employers,” Adam Logan, Senior Director, Products at ISN, said. “With LMS, ISN customers can streamline many of their return to work training requirements and processes through an integrated and easy-to-use platform regardless of location.”

The LMS Platform features training courses from approved third-party providers that can automatically sync with ISNetworld’s Training Qualifications Tool. Approved providers include the National Safety Council, United Academy, MEA Energy Association, Vubiz, Danatec and others. All training is automatically integrated with the ISNetworld platform.

“At ISN, we understand that creating a safe and healthy work environment begins with training resources accessible to both on-site and remote employees and contractors,” Brian Callahan, President and COO of ISN, said. “LMS is an extension of our efforts to help customers mitigate risk while empowering employees and contractors with the training needed to safely and successfully do their jobs.”

“Now more than ever workers require quality training to be safe,” Patrick D. Van Beek, President of the MEA Energy Association, said. “Creating opportunities to utilize online learning content allows for the acquisition of knowledge necessary to continuously demonstrate safe actions and behaviors. Online learning systems provide a significant library of safety content to learners. We should seek to educate, connect, and have learning empower all workers.”

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