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IoT startup launches remote well integrity monitoring tech

Dutch satellite Internet-of-Things (IoT) solution startup, Hiber, announced the launch of HiberHilo, its first end-to-end solution for oil and gas well integrity monitoring. HiberHilo is also the world’s first subscription service for IoT-enabled remote oil and gas well monitoring, and the company will be introducing similar services for other specific use cases in 2021.

There is a growing demand for remote monitoring in industries such as oil and gas to create more sustainable and environmentally friendly practices, especially with COVID-19 limiting travel halting routine maintenance checks. However, the IoT SaaS market in this space is nascent and lacks simplicity. Hiber identified the urgent need for readily available out-the-box end-to-end subscription based offerings. These must be designed bespoke for particular use cases, as well as being simple and efficient for businesses to install and implement.

The HiberHilo solution for oil and gas well integrity monitoring is the first offering of this kind that Hiber will launch, because this process is currently complex, time-consuming and expensive (costing up to $40,000 per field visit). Additionally, manual monitoring is prone to error and is often not conducted frequently enough.

Monitoring is critical to ensure that anomalies are identified early and addressed – this can include potential leaks which, if left unaddressed, can impact people’s health and safety as well as negatively impact the environment. HiberHilo’s out-of-the-box subscription solution utilizes Hiber’s global satellite network to empower organizations to automate continuous annulus pressure and wellhead monitoring of up to 250 wells in a radius of 10 km, even in the most remote locations. Pricing starts at $449 per month per well (one sensor and a five-year contract).

The all-in-one product is available as both a starter kit and in the form of an enterprise solution, both of which feature:

  • A pressure and optional temperature sensor to ensure accurate and regular measurements – organizations can add more sensors to the network if required;
  • Easy connectivity anywhere, sending up to 24 messages a day or one per hour;
  • Alarm and alert settings;
  • An intuitive dashboard for desktop and mobile; and
  • Support both on-site and via mobile.

“We are excited to launch this first-of-its-kind IoT proposition for remote monitoring at a time when it is needed more than ever. HiberHilo has already been proven by Nederlandse Aardolie Maatschappij (NAM) and Royal Dutch Shell on an abandoned on-shore well,” said Coen Janssen, Co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer at Hiber. “This technology can be installed in less than two hours and within 0.25% accuracy levels of a traditional wired system, which is extremely reliable.”

“We look forward to more companies embracing this new proposition as it will save them time, money and lives by allowing teams to monitor well integrity from home as well as reducing the risk of well integrity issues to create more sustainable practices. The future for remote monitoring is very bright,” Mr Janssen added.

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