IADC to attend Ministerial Forum on Offshore Drilling Containment

IADC president Dr Lee Hunt will represent the association this week at the Ministerial Forum on Offshore Drilling Containment in Washington, DC. US Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar is convening ministers and senior government officials from nations engaged in offshore oil and gas extraction to discuss cutting-edge technologies for containing potential deepwater well blowouts on the outer continental shelves.

Ministers and senior officials from 13 countries and the European Union, along with representatives from industry, academia, and non-governmental organizations have been invited to the 14 April event. Confirmed participants include ministers and senior officials from Brazil, Mexico, Australia, the United Kingdom, Norway, Russia, Canada, India, Israel, Netherlands, Angola and the European Union.

Two panels of experts from industry and academia will make presentations on the lessons learned from recent blowouts and offer suggestions for promoting containment capabilities in the future. Delegations from the Oil and Gas UK and the OGP are expected to attend.

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