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IADC HSE Committee advances work on safety alerts, dropped object prevention

The IADC HSE Committee continues to maintain its focus on two ongoing initiatives that aim to improve safety in the drilling industry – the Incident Statistics Program (ISP) and the IADC Safety Alert Program. Clyde Loll, Corporate Director of QHSE with Nabors Corporate Services, recently stepped into his role as Co-Chairman of the committee and spoke with Drilling Contractor about the group’s plans and activities at the 2018 IADC HSE&T Conference on 6 February in Houston. In addition to the ISP and Safety Alerts, the HSE Committee also continues to assist and collaborate with the North American DROPS network. The DROPSonline organization recently published a recommended practice for dropped object prevention schemes and updated the Reliable Securing Handbook. Watch DC’s video with Mr Loll to find out more.

Click here for more information about the IADC HSE Committee. 

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