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Halliburton releases fluid-efficient dissolvable frac plug

Halliburton has released the Illusion Spire, the first fluid-efficient dissolvable frac plug. This offering expands on the capabilities of current dissolvable plugs, but with a larger internal diameter and less mass for greater efficiency.

In the unconventional market, the time to bring a well on production is critical. Traditional plug designs can result in sub-optimal plug conveyance and excessive fluid volumes. The company designed the Illusion Spire technology with a water-saving element so that operators can pump faster, resulting in reduced completion time. The reduced plug size also drives quicker and more consistent dissolution time.

“Our goal was to develop the industry’s most advanced frac plug that delivers increased efficiency to help operators reduce rig time and save costs,” Mark Dawson, Vice President of Completion Tools, said. “Illusion Spire is the only efficient dissolvable plug that decreases water costs and substantially increases flowback to help maximize operators’ asset value.”

During multiple field trials conducted in North America basins, Illusion Spire demonstrated unprecedented fluid and time efficiency improvements. In a typical wellbore, this can save thousands of barrels of fluid and reduce overall pump time.

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