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Halliburton launches cloud service

Halliburton released its cloud service to help customers accelerate their digital transformation with intelligent automation. delivers industry specific artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) models to enhance productivity, operational efficiency and increase asset value. runs on the OSDU Data Platform and uses the interoperable and scalable architecture of iEnergy Cloud. This allows citizen scientists, data engineers and data scientists to design, develop, and deploy AI models at scale. Users can rapidly train pre-built ML models, or create and deploy solutions to enhance subsurface, drilling and production workflows. Users can consume these models as standalone microservices, or in applications such as Assisted Lithology Interpretation, Seismic Engine and Real-Time Well Engineering.

“We are excited to introduce, an industry first approach to quickly extract insights from data silos at a time when data scientists need domain specific accelerators to deepen insights and operations require data science investments to scale and interoperate with existing tools,” said Nagaraj Srinivasan, Senior VP of Landmark, Halliburton Digital Solutions and Consulting. “The models deliver operational value across dozens of successful projects for customers of all sizes.”

With over 70 projects and more than 60 AI/ML models deployed at scale, provides a rapid return on investment. Examples of generated value include a national oil company that predicted artificial lift failure, which saved $4 million across 60 wells. Additionally, an IOC in Latin America deployed an ML seismic conversion methodology to reduce uncertainty that led to a 70% reduction in modeling cycle time.

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