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Halliburton Landmark introduces DecisionSpace 365 cloud applications at annual innovation forum

Halliburton has released ten new DecisionSpace 365 E&P cloud-native applications that leverage advances in digital technology to help operators reduce exploration risk, improve reservoir characterization and boost drilling efficiency. DecisionSpace 365 is an integrated experience of E&P Cloud applications that empower customers’ to be creative and realize their business objectives. DecisionSpace 365 is powered by iEnergy, the Landmark hybrid cloud designed to deploy, integrate and manage customers E&P applications.

Among the cloud applications released are Scalable Earth Modeling, Full-Scale Asset Simulation, Data Foundation and Real-Time Control – Edge.

DecisionSpace 365 Scalable Earth Modeling is a high-fidelity, fast earth modeling solution that uses all available data, without upscaling, to produce rock property models that can be interrogated across all scales of resolution. It allows an unrivaled understanding of the subsurface from the basin to the wellbore, with the ability to test multiple scenarios in just seconds.

DecisionSpace 365 Full-Scale Asset Simulation performs multiple and fully coupled sub-surface/surface scenarios to define the optimal field development plan. The application adapts the size of the computing infrastructure to the complexity of the model, providing faster simulation, increased team productivity and accuracy, and reduced costs.

DecisionSpace 365 Data Foundation is a holistic, multi-model application leveraging multiple cloud-native data stores to ingest, manage and access sub-surface, engineering, log, seismic, and corporate data. Data Foundation delivers industry-unique multi-model, managed data applications built with cloud-native technologies for scale and delivery to all user profiles.

For operators who are looking to streamline their well site operations and improve decision-making, the DecisionSpace 365 Real-Time Control – Edge application enables seamless data integration with well site advisory solutions. Information from the application delivers automated, consistent and reliable execution of the well plan.

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