May/June 2022

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Low-Carbon Drilling Solutions
Low-carbon technologies moving from concept to reality at the rig site
Industry continues to develop new ways to reduce emissions, not only through engines but also drilling waste, hydraulic ring line

By Stephen Whitfield, Associate Editor
Health, Safety, Environment & Training
Offshore medics shoulder increasing burdens amid heightened focus on health
Industry may need to better support health professionals as pandemic-related testing/documentation and increased needs around rig crews’ mental wellbeing lead to staggering workloads

By Stephen Forrester, Contributor
Unconventional Drilling
Chesapeake drills U-turn lateral to optimize tight lease space
By Jessica Whiteside, Contributor
Automated geosteering algorithm shows promising ability to match human geological interpretations
By Jessica Whiteside, Contributor
Offshore Technologies & Markets
Higher oil prices foster optimism for recovery in offshore drilling market
Industry is hopeful that investments in offshore E&P will grow as geopolitical events put new spotlight on energy security

By Stephen Whitfield, Associate Editor
Case study: Chevron deploys below-tension-ring MPD to drill highly depleted reservoir in GOM
By Jessica Whiteside, Contributor
Optimizing Well Intervention
Software applies real-time data, automation to redefine wireline sleeve shifting operations
By Stephen Whitfield, Associate Editor
Real-time force monitoring improves CT drillout efficiency
By Jessica Stump, Travis Thomas and Colt Ables, NOV
IADC Connection
From the Chairman: To propel itself forward, drilling industry must look to technical innovations
By Jeremy Thigpen, IADC Chairman
News Cuttings


Drilling Ahead: SEC proposes sweeping rules on climate-related risk disclosures
By Linda Hsieh, Editor & Publisher
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News Briefs: Environmental, Social and Governance

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People, Companies and Products


Perspectives: Jamie Elrod, Baker Hughes – Industry must continue working to improve gender diversity within its ranks
By Stephen Whitfield, Associate Editor
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