March/April 2021

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Innovating While Drilling
Better understanding of data, physics key to BHA optimization
Companies realizing that a more holistic approach may be needed to enable precise directional control while optimizing ROP

By Stephen Forrester, Contributor
When it comes to optimizing the wellbore, companies are starting to prioritize factors outside of ROP
By Stephen Whitfield, Associate Editor
Automated directional drilling gaining trust among industry users
Innovative apps continue to enable better predictive capabilities, helping operators achieve repeatability and consistency in their wellbores

By Stephen Whitfield, Associate Editor
Concave diamond element bits leverage unique geometry cutters
to improve ROP, drilling efficiency

By Wiley Long, Smith Bits, A Schlumberger Company
Improving Fracking Efficiency
Are electrically powered fleets the future of fracking?
E-frac systems tout emissions reductions and lower costs over time, but higher upfront capital requirements and lead times remain barriers

By Stephen Whitfield, Associate Editor
Workforce Development
Basin United safety orientation targets significant injuries, fatalities
By Jessica Whiteside, Contributor
Workforce panel: Next-Generation talent pursues work with a purpose
By Jessica Whiteside, Contributor
Environment, Social and Governance
Proposed sustainability index would use AI, uncertainty modeling
to track well throughout its life cycle

By Stephen Whitfield, Associate Editor
Transparency in disclosures and better power management among industry’s key sustainability efforts
By Stephen Whitfield, Associate Editor
Innovative mindset required as industry aligns with net-zero goals
By Stephen Whitfield, Associate Editor
IADC Connection
From the President: IADC advances advocacy, accreditation to support industry’s collective goals
By Jason McFarland, IADC President
ART Committee aims to foster industry collaboration around automation, efficiency, data quality
By Stephen Whitfield, Associate Editor
News Cuttings


Drilling Ahead: Time to shift focus from cost to value, new report says
By Linda Hsieh, Editor & Publisher
D&C News

D&C Tech Digest

News Briefs: Environmental, Social and Governance

People, Companies and Products


Perspectives: David Shackleton, IDS – Drilling industry shouldn’t underestimate potential for performance gains associated with data science
By Linda Hsieh, Editor & Publisher, and Jay Stracke, Editorial Coordinator
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