July/August 2014

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IADC: Global Leadership, Global Challenges
IADC launches KSA Competencies Program online database
Innovating While Drilling
Extreme drilling drives drill pipe innovations
Advances target higher-strength materials, improved hole cleaning, wear life, hydraulic performance
by Katie Mazerov, contributing editor
Downhole shakeup
Holistic approach, real-time monitoring dampen effects of shock, vibrations
by Joanne Liou, Associate Editor
A fluid situation
Hybrid OBM/WBM designs, flat-rheology systems among innovations in drilling fluids
by Katie Mazerov, contributing editor
Real-time drilling service halts twist-offs in Wolfcamp wells
by Scott Masson and James Hood, Baker Hughes
Rolling PDC cutter enhances drill bit life in Granite Wash runs
by Robert Ford, Smith Bits, a Schlumberger Company
Regional Focus: North Sea
Rally in the North Sea
Rig demand, investment levels strong in short term, but tax changes may lead UK into choppier waters
by Linda Hsieh, Managing Editor with Reporting by Jesse Maldonado, Associate Editor
Q&A’s with UK, Norwegian regulators
Well Control
Front-loaded approach to well control stresses planning, prevention
by Katie Mazerov, Contributing Editor
Automated well control: Industry gets ready for 20,000 psi and beyond
by Paul Sonnemann and Helio Santos, SafeKick
Asset Integrity
Ensuring reliability, and proving it
Industry addresses asset integrity through data-driven programs, focus on human factors, enhanced documentation
by Linda Hsieh, Managing Editor with Reporting by Jesse Maldonado, Associate Editor
Tubular integrity begins with assurance of robust connections
by Scott Sivewright, Weatherford
Risk-informed decisions allow realization of rigs’ inherent reliability
by Troy G. Schwartz, Life Cycle Engineering
Liner hanger systems bump up pressure ratings, load capacities
by Joanne Liou, Associate Editor
Expandable liner gets deepwater well to TD past 3 sand zones
by Maurilio Solano and Luis Mario Rodriguez, Baker Hughes
Health, Safety, Environment and Training
IADC ISP: LTI rate holds steady in 2013, TRIR down by 8%
by Linda Hsieh, Managing Editor
Drilling & Completion Briefs
Onshore Drilling & Technology Briefs: Unit Drilling launches new rig design; China preps for large-scale shale development
Offshore Drilling & Technology Briefs: OMV details Barents Sea success; CSB report cities pipe buckling as cause of BOP failure in Macondo
IADC Connection
From the President/CEO: Tools to improve performance are there, but it’s up to the industry to use them
by Stephen Colville, IADC President/CEO
News Cuttings
Drilling Ahead: Want good news? Don’t read this column!
by Mike Killalea, editor & publisher
D&C News
D&C Tech Digest
HSE&T Corner: Quantitative method can guide competency programs, determine value of assessment
by Joanne Liou, associate editor
People, Companies and Products
Perspectives: Martin Culen – In future, MPD equipment on rigs will be as common as seat belts in cars
by Linda Hsieh, managing editor

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