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Corva and Drill2Frac join forces to create high-performance wells

New data science partnership brings together leaders in rock characterization for hydraulic fracturing design and real-time completion analysis, offering operators an advanced solution for maximizing frac performance and ultimate oil & gas recovery.

Corva and Drill2Frac formed a strategic alliance to provide advanced completion optimization services to the oil and gas industry. By joining forces, the companies have created the industry’s first data science partnership focused on enhancing data accuracy and optimizing frac performance, thereby increasing oil and gas production utilizing big data, analytics, and the latest completion engineering best practices.

To succeed in today’s fast-paced and constantly evolving economic environment, oil and gas companies must extract maximum insight from scattered, multidisciplinary datasets in order to maximize production and reduce drilling costs. This includes large volumes of reservoir, geological, engineering, and production data gathered from nearby, or offset, wells, as well as real-time data generated during completions, such as pressure, flow rate, and proppant concentration. The new Corva and Drill2Frac partnership marks an important shift toward data-driven D&C operations, enabling operators to harness historical and real-time data while improving data quality by cleansing anomalies and inaccuracies. As a result, operators are able to optimize completion design and execution, reduce costs and increase oil & gas production.

“Optimizing completion designs to leverage heterogeneity in lateral has shown to have a meaningful and significant impact on completion costs and well performance,” Dharmesh Mehta, President of Drill2Frac, said. “In an industry that is increasingly focused on returns, it is vital that companies have a platform that allows completion and geoscience teams to leverage all existing data to improve KPI’s and deliver better wells. This partnership will deliver a platform that will have a transformational impact on our clients and the industry.” 

Drill2Frac’s completion design process leverages standard drilling data, proprietary data analysis technology, and interpretations from expert review to assess rock variability and identify optimal treatment for each fracturing stage. The frac optimization platform also provides engineered diversion plans to optimize fluid distribution and mitigates the risk of frac hits (a negative interaction on nearby wells) through offset well analysis. As a result, Drill2Frac enables completion designs to be rapidly tailored to the unique reservoir conditions for every well, yielding higher short- and long-term oil and gas production.

Corva’s real-time data analytics, a suite of more than 20 web and mobile apps purpose-built for frac operations, are leveraged during the perforation, plugging, fracturing, and drill-out phases of completion. Utilizing Drill2Frac design parameters, Corva enables capabilities to precisely verify perforation and plug placement, track proppant concentration, and visualize stage design compared to actual results. Additional benefits for completion operations include the ability to maximize pumping and reduce nonproductive time, creating significant cost savings for operators. Post-completion, KPIs generated through Corva are used as inputs to calibrate fracture and reservoir models for future drilling projects.

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