Apache, Total make new discovery offshore Suriname

Apache and Total announced an oil discovery at the Keskesi East-1 exploration well in Block 58 offshore Suriname.

Keskesi East-1 encountered targets in the upper Cretaceous-aged Campanian and Santonian intervals. The shallower Campanian interval contains 58 m (190 ft) of net oil, volatile oil and condensate pay and the Santonian interval contains 5 m (16 ft) of net oil and volatile oil pay. Fluid samples indicate API oil gravities of approximately 27-28° in the Campanian and 35-37° in the Santonian. The Keskesi East-1 well is continuing to drill to deeper Neocomian-aged targets. Upon completion of operations at Keskesi East-1, the Noble Sam Croft drillship will be released as planned.

“We are very pleased to announce our fourth consecutive discovery in Block 58 at Keskesi, which confirms oil in the eastern portion of the block,” said John Christmann, Apache CEO and President. “We are excited to commence the appraisal program on our initial discoveries and extend our Block 58 exploration program to the north in 2021.”

As part of its joint venture agreement, Apache transferred operatorship of Block 58 to Total S.A. on 1 January 2021. Apache will continue to operate the Keskesi exploration well until release of Noble Corp‘s Noble Sam Croft drillship.

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