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ADIPEC to launch new program targeting cybersecurity

Cyber threats and attacks against the oil and gas industry are becoming increasingly complex and sophisticated, targeting both IT and OT infrastructures. Industry experts are calling for continuous improvements to cybersecurity safeguards and protocols in oil and gas facilities in order to protect valuable company information and key operational equipment, as well as to maintain operations in a safe and secure manner.

Recent figures from Cybersecurity Ventures show that spending on protection against cyber-attacks is forecast to be a market worth US$13.43 billion by 2019 in the Middle East and Africa region alone. Meanwhile, US-based ABIresearch forecasts global cybersecurity spending on oil and gas critical infrastructure to reach US$1.87 billion by 2018.

“In 2016, there is an urgency for nations to adopt national integrated cyber/physical security frameworks to pre-empt the growing external threats that are now constantly exploring vulnerabilities in energy facilities across the supply chain,” said Dr Sally Leivesley, Managing Director of UK-based risk management firm Newrisk Ltd.

In response, ADIPEC 2016 is launching the “Security in Energy” program this year. “Security in Energy at ADIPEC 2016 is an essential part of the region’s strategy to mitigate the significant risks associated with these threats by delivering layered solutions for innovative security frameworks, with lectures on pre-emptive physical and cyber solutions, cyber target tracking, real-time intelligence, new technology, and practical assurance and exercising procedures,” Dr Leivesley said.

“The topics at the event will cover the security of people as well as technology – high-value resources that are increasingly being exposed to both virtual and physical threats. The forum will promote enhanced leadership in energy security for the region, and present opportunities for industry cooperation, shaping strategies for a secure and sustainable energy future,” Dr Leivesley continued.

The “Security in Energy” conference will invite leading industry security professionals, government officials, academics and protection agencies to the stage to share knowledge and exchange best practice on how best to tackle current security concerns.

The program will feature keynote presentations, technical sessions and panel discussions on energy-specific topics ranging from disaster prevention, emergency readiness, and event recovery, to innovative security solutions and risk mitigation.

“Today, we are witnessing the digitization of the oil and gas industry, characterized by the increased application of information technology,” said Christopher Hudson, President – dmg events, Global Energy. “Maintaining the protection and integrity of vital assets in today’s dynamic and increasingly globalized business environment is crucial for sustainable progress in the energy sector. ‘Security in Energy’ at ADIPEC 2016 will offer innovative solutions that organisations can deploy for effective critical infrastructure protection.”

ADIPEC 2016 will be held 7-10 November in Abu Dhabi, with the “Security in Energy” sessions taking place on 8-9 November. Click here for more information.

IADC will be exhibiting at ADIPEC. Visit us at booth CN10.


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