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3t EnerMech, Orinduik Development, Windsor Technologies to launch Guyana’s first oil and gas training center

A new venture between 3t EnerMech and Orinduik Development Incorporated Training Centre will deliver Guyana’s first in-country training facility for the local workforce, supporting the development of the country’s offshore oil and gas sector. This venture will provide an internationally accredited facility in alignment with building on the recent enacted local content policy.

The 3t EnerMech Guyana Training Centre of Excellence will combine in-classroom training facilities, blended learning software and technology, as well as fully immersive simulators for high-hazard activity learning.

More than $20 million has been invested into the infrastructure by Orinduik, Windsor and 3t EnerMech. EnerMech, an integrated solutions specialist, makes up half of the 3t EnerMech strategic alliance which draws on EnerMech’s experience and track record, complemented by 3t Energy Group’s training capabilities, learning technology solutions and training management services.

The 3t EnerMech Guyana Training Centre of Excellence is set to become the first regional Engineering Construction Industry Training Board, internationally accredited training provider in Guyana. It will also deliver the country’s first OPITO-approved Basic Offshore Safety Induction and Emergency Training certification, as well as providing a controlled environment to deliver scenario-based firefighting emergency response training when relevant accreditations are secured early in 2022.

“It’s our mission to develop local content globally and to help create safer, smarter, more sustainable workforces. Until now, Guyana nationals working in the oil and gas sector would be required to travel to Trinidad and Tobago, the US or Canada, for accredited training, making it very costly and time consuming. This is compounded by the logistical challenges of the pandemic including travel restrictions, additional requirements, and limited flight availability,” said Joseph Lichon, President Americas for EnerMech.

“With Orinduik constructing the 3t EnerMech Guyana Training Centre of Excellence, coupled with our expertise, technologies, and programmes, we are providing a full package to help support the country’s personnel to excel in the oil and gas sector. We are very proud to play a critical role Guyana’s future and enhance its economic prosperity by making accredited skills and safety training available in country for the first time,” said Paul Knowles, VP Training for 3t Energy Group.

Orinduik is also in the process of building Guyana’s first commercial heliport as part of a wider complex which will incorporate the new training centre, an aviation/marine Polytechnic School as well as a hotel and business centre.

The facility will be located in Lusignan, approximately 10 km east of central Georgetown.

“Construction of the training center is expected to be completed in June 2022 and we are very excited to be partnered with 3t EnerMech in delivering world class training and certifications as we build a skilled and safe local workforce for the expanding offshore market. This demonstrates our support and alignment with the Government’s commitment to training and employment of Guyanese in key positions in this sector,” said Harrychand Tulsi, Chairman of Orinduik.

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