VPD Registration – Hydraulic Fracturing Revealed: Debunking the Myths and Understanding the Technology

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Wednesday, 17 February, 2016 at 10:00 am CST



In This Virtual Panel Discussion:

Think you know a lot about hydraulic fracturing? Think again. Whether an oil & gas professional or a complete industry neophyte, this free webcast, featuring two of the world’s foremost experts, will arm you with rarely seen facts about hydraulic fracturing that you can use to educate your friends and neighbors. Learn the surprising truth about water use in fracturing, aquifer contamination, earthquakes, fracking chemicals and more.

Then, stay for the “overtime” second half of the video, which will cover cutting-edge advances in hydraulic fracturing and industry’s continuous improvement in its HF operations, technology and more.

The highly qualified panelists are:

  • Karen Olson, Director V+ Solutions, Southwestern Energy
  • George King, Distinguished Engineering Advisor, Apache Corp., and Principal, GEK Engineering.
  • Mike Killalea, Group Vice President/Publisher, IADC (moderator)

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About The Panel:


Karen Olson
Karen Olson

Karen Olsen

Karen is Director of Southwestern Energy’s Strategic Solutions Team, which is accountable for bringing the company to Freshwater Neutral by 2016. She has been a Completion/Reservoir Engineer for over 30 years, with expertise in design, modeling, and operational execution of hydraulic fracturing, as well as offshore completions.

Karen has been active with the Society of Petroleum Engineers and for the last seven years has been a Guest Editor for the Deepwater and Hydraulic Fracturing section of the JPT, SPE’s official magazine. In addition to well-deserved awards, Karen served as the 2014, 2015, and current 2016 Chairperson for the SPE Hydraulic Fracturing Conference. She is also on the executive committee for the 2015 ATCE and recently honored as a Distinguished Member of SPE.


George King
George King

George King

George E. King is a Registered Professional Engineer with over 43 years experience in the oilfield. His technical background includes basic research on energized fracturing, production and fracturing chemicals, as well as a host of other topics. George is the author of 71 technical papers and a book on completions and workovers. He has been very active in sharing his expertise with the industry through the Society of Petroleum Engineers, American Petroleum Institute, and other corporate and volunteer organizations.


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