VPD – “IADC DDR Plus: A Step Closer to the Digital Oilfield – A Discussion With Those Who Have Implemented It”

Original Air Date: Wednesday, 31st March 2021
Original Start Time: 8am CDT (GMT-5)

In This Virtual Panel Discussion:

IADC to live-stream DDR Plus informational session on 31 March: “IADC DDR Plus: A Step Closer to the Digital Oilfield – A Discussion With Those Who Have Implemented It”

As more and more companies seek to progress their journey to full rig automation, they’re finding that alignment with the industry-standard IADC DDR Plus system to be a critical enabling step. While IADC plays a limited role in how individual companies adopt DDR Plus and to what level that adoption is done, the association recognizes that not everyone yet understands what DDR Plus is, why IADC developed it, or how it was designed and generated.

To facilitate this process, the IADC Advanced Rig Technology (ART) Committee will be hosting a virtual panel discussion from 8-9am CDT on 31 March to provide this information to interested parties. In addition, ART will be inviting two “early adopters” of the DDR Plus to discuss their experiences through the implementation process.

No registration is required for this free informational session, which will be live-streamed both on IADC’s Facebook page and on the YouTube channel of IADC’s Drilling Contractor magazine, starting at 8am CDT (GMT-5) on Wednesday, 31 March.


08:00-08:05    Welcome & Introduction, Robin Macmillan, IADC Division VP Drilling Services (moderator)

08:05-08:10    Why the DDR Plus? Why is it important?, Jonathan Lightfoot, Senior Engineering Consultant, Oxy

08:10-08:20    What is the DDR Plus? How was it designed and generated? How do I get started?, Robert van Kuilenburg, Mechanical Engineering Manager, Noble Corp, and former IADC ART Chairman, and David Shackleton, Regional Manager Americas, Independent Data Services

08:20-08:40    Sharing of Early Adopter Journeys

  • Karma Slusarchuk, Wellbore Construction Champion, Parker Drilling, and IADC ART Vice Chair
  • Bernardo Braunstein, Performance Systems Specialist, Noble Corp

08:40-09:00    Interactive Audience Q&A, moderated by Robin Macmillan, IADC Division VP Drilling Services

Sample Q&A from the VPD

Question: What feedback have you received from the rig hands?

Answer from Karma Slusarchuk: The rig hands have not a chance to get involved in the deployment of the DDR Plus implementation. The Country Managers, Drilling Superintendents, Business Development and Performance Engineers are aligned with the objective and benefits of the digitalization of our reporting capabilities.

Question: For those of us working on automated systems, should we plan to interact with DDR Plus so we can advise when the auto controller is limiting speeds, torque, etc?

Answer from Karma Slusarchuk: DDR Plus is a reporting tool, not meant to control the operations. It is fed from the EDR with the drilling data and equipment info, in addition to one-time human input (BHA, personnel, safety, etc). We are looking to aggregate data earlier in the process. One data entry by all parties involved then the DDR Plus populates the report with what is needed.

Question: Curious if Parker has compared manual report vs rig sensor/automated report. Are they very close? Is this same answer for US rigs vs international?

Answer from Karma Slusarchuk: Yes, we have. Manual reports are closed to and not so critical when you have to submit the ROP during the last 24 hours. But if you set the system to record the ROP at 4:00am or average ROP in the last 24 hours and populate that number at 4:00am into the DDR Plus or any report, then it could be considered an accurate data point. In regard to the content of the actual reports, we spent a lot of time refining the format of the automated reports based on feedback from our global operations. This helped us to ensure that the final standard report format was fully aligned with each geomarket and their specific needs for a daily morning report.

Regarding US rigs vs international, we are expecting to follow the same process. Considering that we operate in Alaska and the GOM and we have rolled out our D3O digital platform to those locations, but we initiated the rolled out on our international fleet. The standardization of the automated morning report across our global operations will provide Parker with will a much more efficient reporting process.

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