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SABER, an RSS alternative, completes downhole testing in operational environment

Enteq Technologies announced a significant milestone for the SABER (Steer-At-Bit Enteq Rotary) tool, the company’s alternative to traditional rotary steerable systems (RSS). In recently completed downhole drilling testing, the system proved to be effective in an operational environment.

The trials took place at the Catoosa Drill Test Facility in Oklahoma, following initial testing in Norway earlier this year. During an extensive drilling program, the SABER system met the test objectives, successfully generating steering forces to change the trajectory of a well (generating dogleg) in typical reservoir rock conditions. An independent survey has been conducted to measure the well trajectory, and an expert review was conducted, with both confirming the tool’s ability to provide sufficient steering forces for the target commercial applications.

“Since acquiring the technology from Shell, we believed SABER could change the future of drilling. The goal has been to optimize and verify that the technology can outperform the solutions available today. I am proud to say that we have achieved this, with a next-generation tool which could transform oil and gas RSS performance, and also play a significant role in the energy transition,” said Andrew Law, Enteq CEO.

With SABER’s unique application of Bernoulli’s principle now validated, Enteq has confirmed the tool will deliver true at-bit steering competitively for commercial drilling applications globally. SABER is geothermal and methane capture ready. 

As part of the company’s growth ambitions, Enteq is selecting strategic industry partners in key global locations to support and accelerate market penetration. 

“Today marks a defining moment in the journey of SABER. As we explored the capabilities of the tool, it became evident that we could push the boundaries and set a new standard for RSS technology. Today is a turning point for the industry and SABER will play a defining role in changing the sector as we know it,” Mr Law said. 

SABER was developed by Enteq and based on a concept created by Shell. Rather than using pads or plates for steering, it uses an internally directed pressure differential system across the bit face. By removing these external contact points, the tool reduces wear and improves reliability, while also achieving true at-bit steering. The sleek, plain collar design also allows for a smoother borehole, further improving reliability, uptime and cost efficiency.  

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