In Memoriam: Roger Stave

Roger Stave
Roger Stave

Roger Stave, owner and CEO of Sjø Drilling, passed away on 22 December, 2016, after an extended battle with cancer. Mr Stave was 62 years old and is survived by his mother, wife, three children, and four grandchildren.

He was born on 14 March, 1954 in Stadlandet, Norway. After graduating from technical college, he studied Mechanical Engineering at Teknikken in Bergen, Norway where he graduated in 1975.

He began his career as a Mechanical Engineer at Frank Mohn. Afterwards he worked as a Project Engineer at Coast Center Base, Senior Mechanical Engineer at Kvaerner Engineering, and as Consultant at International Petroleum Consultants. From 1999 to June 2016 Mr Stave worked for AGR, later called Enhanced Drilling, in several positions. He ended his career as owner and CEO of Sjø Drilling.

Mr Stave was an internationally recognized engineer in the field of deep-water drilling technology. He leaves the industry with several patents, published papers and books as a testament to his success.

Mr Stave was also very active in the IADC. He was a leader in Managed Pressure and Dual Gradient Drilling efforts.

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