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Precision Drilling deploys process automation for faster, more consistent connection times

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Process automation is an added layer on top of the control system that adds automation to the rig equipment while maintaining the driller as the process manager. Although process automation has the potential to deliver significant performance gains on drilling rigs, the industry has only just begun to scratch the surface of using such technology, Duane Cuku, Vice President Sales of Rig Technology at Precision Drilling, said at the 2017 IADC Drilling Onshore Conference on 18 May in Houston. In this video with DC, he explains how applying Process Automation Control (PAC) can lead to faster, more consistent connection times and reduce vibration at the drill bit. He also discusses how a pilot project in the Permian Basin successfully deployed PAC to deliver rig tool ramping, mud pump flow and top drive rotation that had more consistency than what a seasoned driller could deliver. Further, NPT was decreased by 30%. Watch DC’s video with Mr Cuku to learn more.

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