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ORCHID completions evaluation platform adds distributed acoustic sensing interpretation tools

Reveal Energy Services announced the newest release of its ORCHID completions evaluation platform, version 2021.2, that supports the interpretation and analysis of distributed acoustic sensing (DAS) data acquired from casing or dip-in fiber optics. The platform now enables operators to integrate DAS data with offset pressure, microseismic, tracers, logs, and geologic information for a 360° interpretation of the physics driving well, pad and unit development performance.

In addition to DAS support, the system adds patent-pending functionality to generate microseismic event density volumes and interpret them from any orientation in 3D using independently rotatable sampling regions of interest (SROI) and interactive real-time color-map manipulation. This enables scientists and engineers to place an SROI precisely along a wellbore or principal stress direction, interactively guided by the data.

“This latest release of ORCHID is a milestone for Reveal Energy Services,” CEO Sudhendu Kashikar said. “Operators have been using DAS data for completion diagnostics for many years, but the ability for in-house scientists and engineers to quantify parent-child interactions, perforation efficiency and production flowback with the data has been limited by the lack of vendor-neutral, third-party software platform. The latest version of ORCHID solves this problem.”

The platform transforms well completion data into action by bridging the gap between data and knowledge and accelerating data-driven value discovery. According to Reveal Energy, operators have a new understanding of complex subsurface dynamics 80% faster than legacy methods with reduced nonproductive time; streamlined, automated workflows; and QC regardless of data vendor format.

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