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IADC ART DCS Subcommittee to create rig sensor/instrument guidelines through new initiative

The IADC ART Drilling Control Systems (DCS) Subcommittee has kicked off the Rig Sensor Stewardship initiative, which aims to formulate guidelines to ensure sensor and instrument performance. This is an important project due to the massive amounts of data the industry is generating and the need for accurate data to digitalize and automate, said Assaad Mohanna, Vice Chairman of the IADC ART DCS Subcommittee. In this video with DC at the 2019 IADC Advanced Rig Technology Conference in Amsterdam, Mr Mohanna explains the initiative’s relevance and scope, as well as how the guidelines relate to the work done by the API Subcommittee 8 and the Operators Group for Data Quality. Watch the video for more information.

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