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High-durability PDC bit designed for demanding applications

Ulterra Drilling Technologies has introduced its XP line of extreme-performance PDC bits. These bits are designed to provide improved results in the toughest drilling applications, including hard rock, transition zones and highly interbedded lithologies.

The XP bit series is based on a bit body engineered to ensure structural integrity under extreme drilling conditions. This level of design allows the bit to withstand more demanding drilling parameters, including greater weight-on-bit (WOB), without sacrificing rate of penetration (ROP). Along with high structural integrity, the bits’ cutter positioning and force balancing are both optimized for reduced tangential overload, to deliver maximum stability under the load of high energy inputs. 

XP drill bits are optimized for each application, and paired with the latest application-specific premium PDC cutters. As a result of Ulterra’s rapid design and prototyping process, each design is optimized quickly, allowing operators to improve drilling performance from well to well. 

“Modern drilling practices are requiring operators to achieve increasingly challenging drilling targets, even in the most difficult applications, which in turn requires the PDC drill bit to withstand much higher drilling forces,” Chris Gooch, Product Development Manager of Ulterra, said. “With the high structural integrity and force-balanced design of XP drill bits, operators can drill with maximum durability, without sacrificing ROP.”

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