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Equinor announces increasing capacity on Johan Sverdrup

Equinor announced that the Johan Sverdrup field is again increasing its daily production capacity, expecting to reach around 500,000 bbl/day by the end of the year – around 60,000 bbl more than the original basis when the field came on stream.

Equinor and its partners have tested the plant capacity in November to verify a possible production rise. As the test results have been positive, a production increase is called for by the end of 2020.

By then the production capacity will rise from 470,000 to around 500,000 bbl/day. The Johan Sverdrup field has had safe and stable operation since it came on stream just over a year ago.

“For the second time since the start-up, the plant is able to increase its daily capacity. As Johan Sverdrup is a field with high profitability and low CO2 emissions, a production rise is great news. The field has low operating costs, providing revenue for the companies and Norwegian society, even in periods with low prices,” said Jez Averty, Senior Vice President for Operations South in Development and Production Norway.

The Johan Sverdrup field is powered from shore with very low CO2 emissions per barrel. Emissions during the field life are estimated at less than 0.7kg CO2 per produced barrel.

Phase 2 of the Johan Sverdrup field development is on schedule, and production start is scheduled for Q4 2022. The increase means that the Johan Sverdrup full-field plateau production capacity is expected to rise from 690,000 to around 720,000 bbl/day.

The Johan Sverdrup field is using water injection to secure high recovery of reserves and maintain production at a high level.

“Based on the positive results of the capacity test where we produced at rates of over 500,000 bbl/day, we are now working on solutions to increase the water injection capacity which should allow us to further increase daily production capacity beyond this level by mid-2021,” said Rune Nedregaard, Vice President for Johan Sverdrup Operations.

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