September/October 2020

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Automation & Drilling Rig Advances
BOPs: Groundwork being laid today for the needs of tomorrow
Despite a challenging market, manufacturers are keeping their focus on meeting requirements of drilling in deeper waters and compliance with upcoming regulations

By Stephen Whitfield, Associate Editor
Data analytics, artificial intelligence facilitate development of failure prediction models for subsea BOPs
By Alberto Albuquerque, Samuel Lima and Gustavo Carvalho, Delfos IM; Fabbio Leite, Rodrigo Machado and Cristiano Xavier, Ocyan
Process automation helps rig to drive new levels of efficiency, safety focus
By Gilberto Gallo, Drillmec
Digital drilling system aims to close gap between well plan, rig workflow
By Ginger Hildebrand, Schlumberger
New automatic drilling concept uses multi-input multi-output control loops
By Mahmoud Hadi, University of Houston
Digitalization efforts may necessitate evolution in industry’s established process control network security model
By Tommy Evensen, MHWirth
Regional Focus: Middle East
Middle East: Signs of resilience, optimism despite a slowdown
Drillers are feeling increasingly strained amid contract cancellations/suspensions, but hopes remain for a quick recovery as governments start to ease travel restrictions

By Stephen Whitfield, Associate Editor
Health, Safety, Environment and Training
DROPS Asia brings virtual reality to dropped object prevention training
By Jay Stracke, Editorial Coordinator
Awareness of how eyes and brains work together can prevent human errors based on visual similarities
By Jared Dempsey, Kognivate
Hydraulic Fracturing
Physics-based, deep learning model improves screen-out predictions
By Stephen Whitfield, Associate Editor
IADC Connection
From the President: In the face of uncertainty and adversity, the drilling industry must stand together
By By Jason McFarland, IADC President
News Cuttings


Drilling Ahead: State of offshore industry – a look at where we are now
By Linda Hsieh, Editor & Publisher
D&C News

D&C Tech Digest

News Briefs: Environmental, Social and Governance

People, Companies and Products


Perspectives: William Villalobos – As he prepares to graduate in 2021, former A&M student chapter chair says respect for safety will be guidepost for his future career
By Jay Stracke, Editorial Coordinator
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