November/December 2015

IADC 75th Anniversary
From the President/CEO: Persevering through industry ups and downs to make things better
by Stephen A. Colville, President/CEO, IADC
IADC engages in multitude of initiatives to catalyze improved performance for the global drilling industry
by Amy Rose, Director – External Relations, IADC
Global Drilling Outlook
Pressures mount as industry goes deep into survival mode
Operators urged to look to collaboration, efficiency
to reduce costs instead of squeezing service sector

by Alex Endress, Editorial Coordinator
Offshore drilling industry must cooperate to ‘recalibrate’ market
by Alex Endress, Editorial Coordinator
Geopolitical concerns cloud short-term global oil forecasts
Slowdown in Chinese economic growth and Iran nuclear deal shroud energy markets in uncertainty
by Kelli Ainsworth, Editorial Coordinator
Another rough year ahead for North American shale producers and drilling contractors, but 2017 could be a year of recovery
by Kelli Ainsworth, Editorial Coordinator
As industry seeks cheaper ways to boost production, horizontal refractures gain prominence
by Alex Endress, Editorial Coordinator
Regional Focus: Middle East
Dayrates are down, but rig count remains steady in Middle East
Contractors juggle dayrate cuts and NOC demands for strict adherence to performance expectations, continued recruiting and training of local talent
by Kelli Ainsworth, Editorial Coordinator
Taking holistic approach to designing cement sheaths helps maintain zonal isolation for life of well, increases ROI
by Axel-Pierre Bois, Gregory Galdiolo and Anthony Badalamenti, CURISTEC
Raising the sand bar
Industry innovates in low-cost environment by retooling field-proven technologies, updating recommended practices and devising creative combinations to overcome sand control challenges
by Katie Mazerov, Contributing Editor
IADC Connection
From the Chairman: Don’t use market correction to justify lesser training as it could set back all momentum on safety
by Ed Jacob, IADC 2015 Chairman
News Cuttings
Drilling Ahead: IADC ART, DEC: Drill faster with less NPT
by Mike Killalea, Editor & Publisher
D&C News
D&C Tech Digest
HSE&T Corner – Learning from the fast lane: Formula One improves safety by putting it second to none
by Linda Hsieh, Managing Editor
People, Companies and Products
Perspectives – Randy Smith: Industry’s well control training courses must focus on preparing its employees for work, not for tests
by Kelli Ainsworth, Editorial Coordinator
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