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Cudd Well Control launches wellhead audit inspection platform

Cudd Well Control has launched its new wellhead audit inspection platform. Developed by Cudd’s in-house engineering and technical experts, the platform leverages the power of the cloud in a patent-pending process that brings efficiency, traceability and accuracy to wellhead audits, the company said in a statement.

“The wellhead audit platform emphasizes our commitment to expanding our portfolio of technologically advanced solutions, and this launch is a perfect way to mark our 45-year anniversary,” said Andy Ferguson, President of Cudd Well Control. “Whether you’re buying or selling wells or executing regular maintenance programs, it is imperative to know the conditions of your wells and the risks associated with them. This cloud-based system is new for the well control business and a game-changer that provides unparalleled asset protection as well as safer and more reliable operations.”

The platform allows operators to quickly see the condition of their wells, including any problems with corrosion, valve functionality and pressure, on one platform and have a preliminary report on site the moment the audit is done. As a result, what used to take a few days to complete can now be accomplished in less than an hour. Ideal for production wells or storage wells, the Wellhead Audit tool is fully customizable to each customer’s operational requirements.

“For customers with wells in remote locations, the tool allows them to complete more audits in a day and have that information at their fingertips immediately,” said Bhavesh Ranka, Operations Manager/Sr. Well Control Engineer at Cudd Well Control. “Our experienced engineers will conduct a thorough onsite inspection of the surface of the wellhead to identify potential risks with corrosion, valve functionality, pressure and more, then send immediate audit results so customers can identify trends that may negatively impact their operations and take proactive measures to avoid any issues.”

“We saw the opportunity to give our customers advanced awareness of a well’s potential issues,” said Dustin Locklear, VP of Cudd Well Control and partner in the development of this platform. “Our dashboard categorizes the risks so that operators can prioritize and address problems early, before they escalate to a more critical condition.”

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