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Wild Well launches Singapore-based capping stack

Wild Well Control, a Superior Energy Services company, has unveiled its new subsea capping stack, located in Singapore. It is part of Wild Well’s comprehensive emergency response system, WellCONTAINED, which provides experienced personnel and equipment to plan, prepare and respond to global subsea well control events. The system includes not only the physical capping stack and equipment but also technical planning, advanced engineering and response training.

The Singapore capping stack is Wild Well’s second unit; the first capping stack unit is located in Aberdeen. The full intervention system at each location includes a capping stack, debris removal shears, hardware kits for the subsea application of dispersant and inhibition fluids at a wellhead and ancillary equipment.

The new 18 ¾-in. 15K capping stack is available for a variety of offshore conditions and designed for subsea use up to 10,000 ft. The system is maintained in a state of readiness and can quickly be transported by sea or air.

“Since we now have two capping stacks geographically located in the northern and southern hemispheres, our team at Wild Well can provide an enhanced level of response to a client’s well site,” Wild Well President Freddy Gebhardt said. “Our flexibility to deploy from two strategic locations now mitigates any potential delays due to deployment constraints and adds another level of assurance to the operators’ drilling programs while positioning Wild Well as the global leader in subsea well control.”

WellCONTAINED is a trademark of Wild Well Control.

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