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WFS Technologies and Subsea Energy Solutions join forces

WFS Technologies (WFS) has joined forces with Subsea Energy Solutions (SES) to harness their combined global expertise and range of live condition monitored cable protection systems for the offshore energy industry.

The collaboration will see WFS utilize its smart wireless Seatooth technologies, which provide real-time insight in extreme environments, with SES’s offshore cable and subsea umbilical, riser and flowline protection systems.

Together, the firms aim to help the industry further extend asset life and boost productivity by reducing costs and increasing efficiencies while also cutting its carbon footprint. They also anticipate increasing their market share in new areas across oil and gas, as well as offshore wind and marine energy (wave, tidal and river).

“As a business, we continuously want to push the boundary of what is possible to provide the best possible equipment for the offshore energy industry,” Philip A.R. Stanyon, Director at Yorkshire-based Subsea Energy Solutions, said. “WFS systems are renowned for their unparalleled ability to communicate underwater. Integrating WFS sensing equipment onto SUB-VBR Vertebrae Bend Restrictors, SUB-FLEX Cable Protection Systems and SUB-BSR-D Dynamic Bend Stiffeners will allow motion data to be provided to the client, providing new insight into fatigue in real time.”

The WFS Seatooth technology allows wireless status transmission to and from the surface, sharing performance data as a continuous health check as well as providing additional confidence to clients when looking after their key assets. This technology also avoids through-water cabling.

“By combining our products with SES, we are not only offering significant productivity and cost benefits, we are also reducing risk and improving carbon footprints,” Moray Melhuish, Commercial Director at WFS Technologies, said. “This is particularly pertinent to the oil & gas sector in light of the oil price and COVID-19, which has had a huge impact on resource, because our technology reduces the need for intervention and can extend asset life.”

“When we were looking for partners for our technology, we only wanted to work with the best and we knew the partnership with Subsea Energy Solutions would work seamlessly for us,” Mr Melhuish added. “They too have global connections which will further build upon our own established network as we, along with SES, look to scale our industry reach.”

This is the second collaboration that WFS has announced in as many months to support global growth for its patented Seatooth products. The Scottish firm has also signed a strategic oil and gas alliance with AeonX Limited (Nigeria) to promote and deliver the full range of Seatooth products for asset integrity and flow assurance monitoring to existing and new clients in Nigeria.

The firm partnered with WFS because it believes its range of wireless Seatooth asset and structural integrity monitoring devices were integral to AeonX’s continued success in West Africa and complemented their own specialist services to clients.

As a result, the company is now able to provide wireless asset integrity monitoring, including real-time insight into the condition of subsea infrastructure, as well as pipeline temperature and pressure monitoring and structural fatigue monitoring.

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