VPD Video – “Beyond Remote Operations”

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Original Air Date: 21 October 2021 @ 9:00 Houston

In This Virtual Panel Discussion:

Learn how Schlumberger has transformed the digital operating model by designing a new end-to-end process. This ensures the delivery of safe and efficient operations remotely while reducing POB. Results show more consistent, better service quality and higher performance operations while reducing the carbon footprint. In this VPD, panelists will talk about the technology, the process, the talent and the collaboration with customers, which is paramount to succeed together. Case studies will be presented showing how digitally enabled collaboration among operator, rig contractor and service company achieved improvements in performance, reliability and service quality as well as better work/life balance for employees – key to attracting and retaining next-generation talent.


  • Melisa Ramirez, Performance Live Manager for the Well Construction Division, Schlumberger
  • Rajan Dua, Well Construction Division Manager for the North America Offshore GeoUnit, Schlumberger
  • Linda Hsieh, IADC/Drilling Contractor Editor & Publisher (moderator)


Melisa Ramirez
Rajan Dua
Linda Hsieh (Moderator)


Melisa Ramirez has worked for Schlumberger for 14 years, in a variety of locations including Middle East, Latin America and US. Melisa started as a field engineer and worked in operations roles, training and competency, sales and commercial and marketing and technology; she is now Performance Live Manager for the Well Construction Division.

Rajan Dua has nearly two decades of diverse international expertise in the upstream oil and gas industry with Schlumberger and has extensive experience in operations management specializing in the design, development and execution of leading-edge drilling and measurement technology and processes. During his career, he has worked in technical, management and technology development roles in locations including Asia, Africa, Middle East and the US. He is currently the Well Construction Division Manager for North America Offshore GeoUnit that encompasses Gulf of Mexico, Alaska, and Eastern Canada and is responsible for all offshore drilling operations, including drilling assembly tools and services, drilling and completion fluids, cementing, environmental services, pressure control equipment and managed pressure drilling. He leads the operations integrity, finance, planning and supply chain, sales, maintenance, and human resources functions that support well construction services in this region.

Linda Hsieh is Editor and Publisher of Drilling Contractor magazine. In this role, she oversees both the sales/business side of Drilling Contractor magazine and the editorial/multimedia content development. Linda also manages the IADC Advanced Rig Technology (ART) Committee, which helps to progress drilling automation through projects like Rig Sensor Stewardship and the IADC DDR Plus, and the Drilling Engineers Committee (DEC), which holds four technology forums each year to bring stakeholders together to collaborate on themes like Rig of the Future and Geothermal Drilling.

This virtual panel discussion is hosted by DrillingContractor.org.

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